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Pop Up: Ong Ong Buns

Pop Up: Ong Ong Buns

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On 14 April we're hosting Ong Ong Buns, the delicious Asian bakery know for their creative buns with addictive fillings. Check out their menu:


Location: Delay No More Bottle Shop, Unit 1, 3 Mill Street, SE1 2DF

No need to add to cart or checkout, simply turn up to our shop.


About Ong Ong Buns

Ong Ong Buns is an Asian bakery run by the husband-and-wife team: Icy and Aaron Mo. Icy is from Malaysia and Aaron grew up in London, but has heritage in Hong Kong.

Founded during the height of the COVID-19 outbreak, Ong Ong Bun’s mission is to help Londoners experience a wider variety of Asian baked goods: from Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, and beyond. That doesn't mean their goods are exclusive to Asian flavours. In fact, they have also made buns with Caribbean, American, British, and Scandinavian-inspired fillings. Their bun knows no bounds.

As well as their permanent store in Covent Garden, they sell wholesale to anywhere from bakeries, breweries, pubs, a 5-star hotels, where they can tailor for their international customers.

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